Energia5 à Quinta (Energy power to 5) is part of the project Green Land Blue Planet. A sustainable life style should elect renewable and local produced energy sources and use it with efficiency and parsimony, Energy5 aims to help elect the best renewable energy system taking in consideration the available energy sources, the expected energy needs and the characteristics of the place where the energy will be used.

Diversity is a key for a well-designed customized energy system, setting the optimal weights to consider for each renewable energy source: biomass energy, hydropower, wind power, geothermal and solar power.

When the energy system is well designed we can increase the safety, the power and effectiveness of the system as a whole, while increasing sustainability and reducing energy costs.

  • Each saving is a gain

High-performance equipment and customized solutions will allow the reduction of the energy bill. Each energy saving has an economic gains and a gains to our planet sustainability.

  • Diversity and safety

Diversify the energy sources will increase autonomy and safety, since any event of an energy failure will hardly affect all the available energy sources at once.

  • Local production

Taking advantage of the locally available renewable energy sources will reduces the inefficiencies and the pollution associated with the long-distance transport of energy.

Energy savings either directly through consumption reduction or indirectly through the use of alternative renewable energy sources means contribute to improving the overall sustainability by reducing the use of non-renewable energy resources such as petroleum or coal.

Technological developments on increase efficiency of equipment, reliable energy storage and on increasing diversity of solutions, allow the reduction of the fossil fuels dependency and simultaneously the reducing of pollution and waste associated with the extraction and processing, and with the extensive transport network and distribution chain required by an energy supply based on fossil fuels.